I hope you’ve started noticing the changes we’re making around here! It’s sometimes hard to change a company name and it’s especially hard to get everyone to recognize the new company name and associate it with everything that many of you have already come to expect from Creo. But, with every big change comes a story. This change is no different. So, I wanted to share our story to help you better understand the new name. I promise, I’ll keep it short, sweet and to the point!

When we originally came up with the name Creo, we were in love with the relation the word Creo in latin had to the word Create in English. However, we quickly found ourselves explaining and spelling the name over and over again, as well as the company URL and our email addresses. Not only was that a pain for us, it made it difficult for our customers as well.

Then, as we grew, people started to associate the products and services we offer with both Kelly and I personally, with Kelly taking care of the personal design side and me handling the business social media and website design side. So, we knew we wanted to incorporate our names (or last name) in to the business name somehow.

One beautiful day, on a VERY LONG 6 hour car ride to visit some amazing friends who recently moved, we began brainstorming how we were going to marry our personal passion for the business with a fun, exciting and professional name. And Boom… B. Creative was born! From that, we revisited our company mission, values, goals and everything else, which we are busy including on the new BCreativeKC.com website we’re putting the finishing touches on now! As for what we offer, it hasn’t really changed too much! Our specialties include:

If you haven’t yet, we would love it if you took some time to visit our portfolio. We’re just now getting it put together and it’s constantly growing. So, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for exciting updates! Kelly and I truly appreciate all the support we’ve gotten from our family and friends in this endeavor, as well as the support we’ve received from new clients we now call friends! We would love it if you could take a minute to share this article through your social networks to help us grow our client base. And, keep us in mind whenever you meet someone who could benefit from a new website, promoting their business through social media marketing or has a great idea that they just need some assistance in designing and creating.

If you have anything you would like to see a B. Creative Blog about, leave your comments here and I’ll do my best to make you happy!

Talk to you again soon!

B Creative KC Web Design