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If you’ve been looking for Web Designers in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place! Online shopping and searching is now the way to get things done, making it more important than ever to make sure your company can be easily found online. If you are planning to develop a new website or re-design your existing website, we don’t under estimate the importance of that decision and work with you to create a website that is beautiful, functional and perfectly represents your brand!

Why Choose B. Creative for your Kansas City Web Design Needs?

Since building our first website in 2010, the #1 reason we hear from clients for choosing B. Creative Web Design services is that our web design experts are friendly and approachable. We make it our priority to build a relationship with each one of our clients so that you can feel comfortable sharing with us your story as we work to create a website that conveys that story to your customers! Although we’re great at sitting behind a desk and creating beautiful websites, we also like to get out and make new friends!

Don’t Wait Around for the Other Guys

As small business owners, we know that time is money! Because of that, we believe that speed is a very important factor to consider when working on your website design project. Without sacrificing quality or attention to any details, we work efficiently to create your new website as quickly as we can so you can go live and start generating new leads as soon as possible.

Drive Traffic to Your Social Media Sites

Whether you’ve already created your social media pages or that is your next goal, we’ll link them directly from your website to drive your visitors to ‘Like’ your pages. If you already utilize social media to share company news and updates with your fans, we will embed your news feed in to your site to entice readers to go ‘Like’ your pages. The bottom line is that the more connection you can make with a potential customer, the more likely they are to purchase your product or contact you about your services.

Don’t Skip SEO

As the internet becomes a more competitive marketplace, SEO is no longer an option. It is essential that every beautiful website have a powerful backend to help your site rank in Google searches. We understand that every business has different goals in mind as they create a new website. So, we stay current on the latest practices in Search Engine Optimization and build every site to help your customers find you.

**Advanced SEO services are also available to clients who are looking to quickly generate page views and business growth, including Google AdWords and more.

Integrating the Services You Need

Because we work with you to create a website that has all the functionality you need, we integrate many options in to the website on an as-needed basis. Some of these integrated solutions include blog, e-commerce, PayPal, eBay listings, donation widgets, newsletter signups, appointment calendars and social media.

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