workouts when you're busy

The Problem

Let’s face it, if you are on the road and not in charge of your schedule, workouts can be hard to stick to, squeeze in, and adjust to your setting. My advice is to be open-minded! When in Rome…. while planning your hotel arrangements, spend some time Googling workout facilities that could match your workouts. Or even better, check out places that offer something different and change it up.

Hotel “Workout Rooms” can range anywhere from a big corporate gym to a closet with a treadmill from the 80’s, a few mismatched weights, and a broken fan. Let’s face it… we’ve all been there! And if you end up in this space again, be prepared for an in-room workout. A streaming workout, a downloaded video, or a bodyweight workout are all great options to move when your only other option is to sit still a little longer. All you need is a solid 10-15 minutes of intense activity to make yourself feel better.

Your body wants to move, you want to move, so move! Because you and I both know that these trips are just hurrying up to sit.

Sit in the Plane. Sit in the taxi. Sit through the meeting. Sit through Dinner. Sitting to have drinks. Go back to your room to sit and check your emails so you don’t have an overwhelming pile when you get back to work. 

The Solution

The alternative is tight muscles and a sore back… so let’s have fun and take a few minutes to fit in a workout… of any size! This quick circuit on the MyoSource Kinetic RT Suspension Straps, featuring your very own Cody Burgess is a great option at home and on the go! 

We’d like to give a special THANK YOU to today’s guest writer, Personal Trainer Tom Peterson. Tom is a Certified Personal Trainer in Overland Park, KS at Excel Wellness Studio. This blog was originally written for, striving to offer topics and products that reinvigorate your spiritual, emotional and energy needs — the very basic essentials in life.