This is a question I ask myself every year! Every November, we start thinking about what we’re going to do for our family Christmas Cards this year. With two designers in the house, it’s not like we just head to Target and pick up a box of pre-designed, blank Christmas cards. Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing… but we enjoy the challenge! What can we come up with this year that we’ll love even more than last year? Do we share posed family photos or candid shots from the past year? There are so many questions… so many decisions to make, that I tend to get discouraged by the whole idea before we even get started. Then, the question becomes “Do we even do Christmas cards this year?”

Card WallThen, I remember how excited I am to receive ALL the amazing family Christmas cards that we get each year! We really do sit down as a family and read each one to see what all of our friends and family, both near and far, have been up to over the past year. Did the Browns get a new dog? How are the Davis’ settling in to their new home? Did the Martins have another baby…. And, what is that, #7? There are so many burning questions that need to be answered! (Plus, it’s fun to receive cards that we’ve designed for friends and family!) But, we don’t stop there. We create a shrine to all of our friends and family members by hanging the cards we receive on our kitchen wall. Not only do we love getting to enjoy all of the beautiful cards we receive, but so does everyone who visits us during the holidays. After Christmas, we pack them away with our Christmas decorations so we can pull them all back out again next year just because they’re so fun to look back at.

So, every year, when I start to think, “Maybe this is the year we won’t send Christmas Cards”, I quickly remember how much we enjoy receiving all of the beautiful Christmas cards from the people we love and how fun it is to look back from year to year at everyone’s previous Christmas cards. As soon as I remember that, it’s off to the drawing board to get started on the newest Christmas card design. Don’t let this blog fool you though… Kelly does most of the heavy lifting in the Christmas card arena. 😉

It’s no secret that the holidays are a busy time of year! Truth be told, if we didn’t have a passion for design, we probably wouldn’t take the time to design personalized Christmas cards every year. But, since we are, we would love to do it for you as well. If you’re interested in this year’s designs, head on over to our Studio page to see the newest creations and purchase in either ‘U Print’ Downloadable card format or printed cards that we can mail or hand deliver to you. We’re always up for a challenge. So, if you have an idea for a card design that we haven’t already created, just get in touch to get started designing your completely custom Christmas card today!

When you head over to the studio page, you will probably notice a lot of changes. For 2015, we’re rolling out a new name, a new website and a completely new look. Stay tuned for more details on that! Until then, please excuse our ‘construction’ mess!

Only 23 more days until Christmas… The countdown is on!

See you soon… and until then, take a second to follow us on Facebook!


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