Entrepreneurs are a certain breed. Some may describe us as Type-A, Do-It-Yourself-ers, who are of the Jack of all trades variety. All of these qualities are great for business owners to possess, but at what point does trying to do it all yourself start costing your business?

We know your business is your baby and having full control over all business areas is what you want, but at some point the time will come to hire and delegate roles to others. When it comes time for this decision, you will have a choice to make: hire in-house or look for outsourced help?

Some things simply just cannot be outsourced that are critical to your business’ success. Business development, employee development, customer service, and succession planning are just a few examples of roles that need to be owned by the leadership team within your company.

The top roles that businesses do outsource include: graphic design, digital marketing, payroll, and accounting. If you are an entrepreneur and you find yourself juggling too many business duties, see if you can outsource one of these positions. Just because you are looking for outside help doesn’t mean you will be fully removed from those functions. In fact, many third party agencies desire to partner with you to provide a service that makes you and your business happy.

If you find that you alone are not qualified to take on a certain role, maybe it’s time to find someone outside who is. Just as if you would hire an in-house employee, you should interview and vet any outside agency. Ask for recommendations from other business owners and get the information you need to feel comfortable as you pass on the torch to others. Some things to consider when looking to hire outsourced roles:

  • Speak with prospects long enough to get a feel for their personality
  • Evaluate their experience and past projects carefully
  • Have a transition period; give the contractor a little control and then more work based on performance
  • Communicate your vision clearly and often

Many outsourced roles can be hired on a project to project basis so heaven forbid, you have a bad experience somewhere, you can take your business elsewhere. Many companies enjoy the flexibility of hiring short-term contract work as they need it. It is more efficient and more cost effective than hiring on someone in-house and full time.

We get it, it can be a hard reality to face, not being able to do it all, or not knowing how to do it all. If you are taking on too much or are not well versed in a certain area, do not waste your own time and money doing a haphazard job. It may be scary, but it will pay off to entrust these roles into the hands of those that have the knowledge and time to knock a project out of the park for your business. Partnering with an outsourced role could be the best thing you can do for your business!