It seems like a pretty straightforward question: Do people like you?

As an entrepreneur, you are essentially in sales, so having a likable personality is essential to creating great, long lasting business relationships. But what characteristics make you likable? You can’t outright change your personality, but you can practice these measures to make yourself more likable and a better businessperson.

Be accommodating.

Make sure your client service/customer service is a top priority. Word of mouth referrals can be a powerful marketing tool and if you are not providing clients with positive experiences, then this system can work against you. We live in a time where everything is instant and accessible and the same should be for you and your business. Be very accessible for your clients and create an open communication line with them. Establish great customer service procedures so that clients only have good things to say about your business. It’s important to listen and be responsive to client requests. People in general can be hard to work with, but if you are keeping your composure and leading with a servant attitude, clients will also be more responsive to your needs as well. Most business relationships are partnerships after all, and being successful means collaborating in a way that makes all parties happy.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing and grumpy, sleep deprived people are never pleasant folks to work with. In fact, a study published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal reported that not getting a full night’s sleep makes you less attractive, less healthy and tarnishes your social appeal. In business, this can greatly affect your relationships and your reputation. It really comes down to the fact that people are less likely to interact with those who look tired and unhealthy. We get it, being an entrepreneur can be tough and a lot of the time requires late night work hours, but at some point, know when to draw the line so that you can be your best self for your clients.  

Get to know your customers/clients.

Small business owners have this advantage over larger corporations so take advantage of it. Operating as a small business gives you the opportunity to be more hands-on with customers and to really grasp their personal needs. Giving clients personal attention will win back repeat business time and time again. Not to mention referrals. Getting to know clients on a more personal level will hold a lot of weight in our modern high-tech world.

Adding these skills to your entrepreneurial repertoire and consistently practicing them will bring you continued success. All of these suggestions show that you really value your clients and customers and in a day and age where face to face contact is becoming more and more rare, this will truly give you and your business a competitive advantage.