As a fellow business owner, I have spent a lot of time lately thinking through “What will this look like when it’s all behind us?” Then my mind starts wondering, “Will this ever be behind us? Will my business still be here when we emerge from our “Stay at Home” orders?”

At the root of all of these questions is one primary question… “What does the future hold?” For me? For my family? For my community? For my business? At the end of the day, we don’t know what the future holds! But, what will set you apart from your competition? This is the same question I ask clients daily… even “Pre COVID-19”! While others are grasping all around them to keep doing things the way they always have, what will you do differently to survive in this new world?

Check out this great exercise to evaluate your core business services and how you can make them even STRONGER through this!

Because guess what…

We can come out STRONGER, BETTER and maybe even REFRESHED at the end of this!

  • What are the core assets of your business that kept customers coming back, pre COVID19? Write them down!
  • Which of these assets are still possible given current coronavirus regulations? Give each asset a rating: 1) Totally doable! 2)Possible, but not ideal! Or 3) Not possible (with current practices)?
  • Now, for # 1’s, just use this time to ensure you are doing them the best that you can.
  • For #2’s, what do you need to modify to make it even better? Can you take it to the next level?
  • For #3, can you think completely outside of the box and find a way to do this again? Because not everyone is! So, if you are, you will stand out in the crowd!
  • Go at these new ideas with full force! You may want to keep some of them around even after life goes back to ‘normal’… whatever ‘normal’ is!


I don’t know what the future holds for us… all of us! But, I do know that when we choose to stay positive, with a forward focus, we can set our future. Does it mean things won’t get bumpy? Hell No! It just means that we’ve got the attitude to succeed when they do.

So, what’s your attitude today? Are you focused on a positive future? Finding the silver lining in what we are going through? I hope so!

PS: We can all have a bad day! So, if you are reading this on yours, don’t let it bring you down further. Have a bowl (or tub) of ice cream, kick the mud off your boots and come back ready to tackle tomorrow!

What examples are you seeing out there of Outside the Box ideas that businesses are using to keep their doors (or drive thru windows) open during this unprecedented time of life/business/reality that we are living in now?

Here are a few I’m seeing just to start the convo!

  • Contactless Pickup from so many restaurants
  • Cook @ home steak from Texas Roadhouse
  • School class meetings via Zoom
  • Online concerts
  • Virtual Happy Hours
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine
  • Gift card promotions for future use