Constantly striving to be America’s most entrepreneurial city, there is no doubt that Kansas City has some pretty strong evidence to back up this claim. With the city’s reemergence over the past 20 years, and it’s continued growth and development, it is quite the hubspot for small businesses. Since small businesses are our business here at B. Creative, we’re bringing some of the most influential trends happening right here in Kansas City directly to you!

Geofencing or Proximity Marketing

Geofencing marketing is the practice of using GPS location data to attract an audience that is already in your area, to your business. A geographical radius or boundary can be defined through GPS data. Once the “virtual” boundary is set by a business, the administrator can coordinate alerts (text, email, etc.) to be sent to those who enter the geographical area. These notifications can be sent to consumers’ devices and may be in the form of discount deal alerts, event highlighting, or other informative messages. Utilizing a tool like this promotes major brand awareness for small businesses.

Social Media Marketing

This doesn’t sound like a new marketing concept, yet so many small businesses are under-utilizing it. Social Media marketing is great because it can achieve a lot of reach for a minimal cost. A business’ social media isn’t just for promotion though. Consumer behaviors have shifted over the years, and they want direct experiences and interactions with the businesses they support. Additionally, many consumers also use social media apps to recommend and review businesses. One of Facebook’s more recent features, Facebook Recommendations, is a testament to just that.

Website Usability

It’s no lie that many business transaction are conducted online. Digital marketing is taking over and it is up to the small businesses to follow suit and keep up. This means having a beautiful, functional website that compliments your business. Your website isn’t just a place to inform your consumers, it should be a valuable marketing tool as well. Similar to social media, your site should provide another place where consumers can engage with you and your business. Contact Us for a free site evaluation to discover just how usable your site is!

These small business trends encompass digital marketing, but that is unsurprising considering the direction we are moving and how many businesses operate. Technology is a great thing and it helps provide data about your audience and their buying behaviors. This sort of information is very valuable to small business owners who are looking to grow their ventures. In the ever-growing entrepreneurial climate that is Kansas City, it is a perfect time for small business to thrive. At B. Creative we are passionate about driving small businesses, just like yours, to a higher level of success! We are already excited about our next project together.

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