Facebook_business_page_like_thumbShould I invite my Facebook friends to like my Facebook business page? Or should I not? I get this question more than any other question related to social media. What I like about those that ask the question is that they are concerned that they may be spamming their friends. We all know those people that invite us to like every page they’re involved with. Or, even worse, just add us to their GROUPS on Facebook. Those who ask this question are trying to avoid that mistake. So, what is the answer to this oh-so-important question?

The answer is, Yes! If there is some beneficial relationship between that person and your business, invite them to like the page. Especially if you’ve had a real interaction, or conversation, with them in the recent past. Have you ever heard the phrase “You never know who you know knows”. Okay… I’ll wait while you go reread that. Are you ready? It means that the people you’re connected with may not need your product or services right now. But, they may know someone who does! And, what better referral can you get for your Facebook business page than a direct referral from a friend?

But what about family members? To get that answer, ask yourself this question “Do you have a loving relationship with them?” If the answer is yes, then you should invite them. For example, I know that my Mom loves me and wants me to be successful. If she had the time, she would drive around the city recruiting new clients for B. Creative every day. But, the reality is that she can’t. However, she can share posts from my Facebook business page, tag her friends that need a new website or other small business marketing services. The same is true for my cousin in Pennsylvania, as well as my sister-in-law in North Carolina. I can use these connections to reach further outside my own city.

So, what is today’s key takeaway? Because let’s face it… we’re all busy business owners. Take a few minutes to go to your Facebook business page and invite any friends that have a relationship to your business. Then, take advantage of your triumphant growth and schedule some rockin’ content! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have an answer for that too!

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