You have your own, personal social media profiles that you manage in your free time. You are an expert at perusing each of these platforms and find yourself liking, sharing, posting and retweeting. So, surely you can manage your small business’ social media needs right? It should be a piece of cake…. Well, the answer to that is yes and no. Your social media expertise may be at a high level, but when promoting a business on these platforms the game changes and becomes a full-time job if you are wanting to do it right. Being the amazing business owner that you are, you probably don’t have time to really commit building your social media following and providing a consistent voice for your business. Here’s what a third party, social media agency can do for you so that you can focus on what’s important–running your business.

  1. Building Brand Recognition

One of the main goals of a social media agency is to get your brand widely recognized and to build a strong, loyal following. Creating buzz around your brand takes knowing social media trends and techniques as well as conducting extensive research. Social media professionals are knowledgeable in these areas and know what platforms, what types of content, and who to target to make sure that your business is seen among your desired audience.

  1. Increasing Traffic/ Generating Leads

Additionally, social media professionals will aim to make your brand as accessible as possible. In doing this, an agency will find ways to put your business on the forefront of clients’ social profiles. Aside from creating engaging content to post, liking, sharing, providing feedback, etc. will also capture the attention of visitors so that they will become loyal clients and buyers of your business.

  1. Researching the Competition

Another significant piece that goes into building a strong social media strategy is researching what your competitors are doing. An agency will know exactly what to look out for and how to position your company in a way that provides a competitive advantage over others in your industry. These professionals know how to analyze the industry climate that your business operates in and how to promote the strengths of your brand.

  1. Achieving Goals in Less Time

As mentioned before, you may be a social media genius, but the fact of the matter is, this marketing strategy is time consuming. In order to strongly promote your business you need a consistent voice. This means consistently posting to your profiles and constantly monitoring any engagements so that your business can further capitalize on these leads. If a potential client messages you at 4 AM, you need to know that you have someone managing your account so that they can respond in a timely manner. Outsourcing this service will make the most out of your company’s social media marketing efforts and will make them more efficient.

  1. Relationship Building

Social media isn’t just about the numbers (or sales). What makes this marketing strategy unique is that you are trying to create lasting relationships with these clients, not just make a sale with every post. By building a relationship, you gain the visitor’s trust and loyalty, and thus, hopefully their sale in the future. These engaging relationships are built through creating new content, responding to inquiries in a timely manner, taking advantage of interactions as they happen, and monitoring trends closely as they change. In order to gain successful relationships that ultimately benefit your business you cannot haphazardly manage your social media marketing.

We get it, placing even the slightest bit of your business’s fate in the hands of others can be a scary thing, but we are here to reassure you that as a social media marketing agency ourselves, we want nothing but the best for your business. At B. Creative we partner very closely with our clients so that we make sure we are delivering on the initiatives that you want. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to set up a consultation with our experienced social media team!